• How much are tickets?
    Unless it’s a special screening (Double Feature, 3D, etc.) all tickets are always $10.
  • Are tickets available online?
    Tickets are usually available online a few days before a screening.
  • Can I buy my ticket early?
    Tickets are available all-day at the theater on the day of any screening.
  • Will the screening sell out?
    It’s nearly impossible. Our screenings are held in the theater’s largest auditorium which seats 215. If that fills we should be able to open another screen.
  • Can I bring food or drinks?
    No. The theater has a fully stocked snack bar with reasonably priced drinks and snacks.
  • Do you have giveaways?
    At every screening the first 100 in attendance will get a free button! Keep an eye out for surprise raffles and other misc. giveaways.
  • Will you show (insert movie here)?
    We love suggestions and have done fan votes before!
  • Can I wear a costume?
    You can dress up, but for safety reasons no masks or prop weapons are allowed in the theater.

If you have any other questions, email info@shockarama.com.